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453. S. Spring St. LA, CA 90013 

Our bookstore, spread out over 22,000 sq. feet with 24 ft. high soaring ceilings and 2 stories make the ideal location for cocktail parties, ceremonies, receptions, intimate dinners, fashion shows, large-scale events and corporate functions. Our store is full of fantastic surprise twists and turns- antique bank vaults, a labyrinth maze that takes you to a world-famous book tunnel and hundreds of thousands of new and used books and records to browse privately with your guests.


Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, massive pillars, hanging chandeliers and twinkling lights on the mezzanine's balcony set the stage with a grand literary gesture coupled with vintage fantasy. Contact us below to transform the bookstore into a sophisticated meeting space, sparkling fairyland, or scene from a gothic novel.  We can even offer store gift cards as party favors.

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