Work With Us!

With 3 companies and more on the way, the Last Bookstore family hires regularly.  We look at resumes on file first for any new positions.  If you’re a highly capable, positive person interested in creative bookstore work that changes people’s lives, grow with us!  We offer a sustainable, long-term career path with these perks:


-over 18 levels with 100+ skill and knowledge levels to progress through

-pay potential that exceeds any other bookstore in the nation

-scheduling flexibility and work/life balance

-a plethora of opportunities for leadership and artistic expression

Currently we are hiring for multiple starting roles including:

-Social Media Assistant/Content Creator 

-Bookseller/Cashiers at our Lost Books location in Montrose, CA

-Manager and Bookseller/Cashiers at our upcoming location in Honolulu, HI

-Warehouse Inventory Receiver for Northridge, CA

-On-Call Team (multiple roles) for all locations


Email resumes and portfolios here.


"A bookstore is one of the

only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking."

- Jerry Seinfeld