Work With Us!

With three companies and more on the way, the Last Bookstore family hires regularly.  We look at resumes on file first for any new positions.  If you’re a highly capable, positive person interested in creative bookstore work that changes people’s lives, grow with us!  We offer a sustainable, long-term career path with these perks:


  •   Over 18 levels with 100+ skill and knowledge levels to progress through

  •   Pay potential that exceeds any other bookstore in the nation

  •   Scheduling flexibility and work/life balance

  •   A plethora of opportunities for leadership and artistic expression



Opening soon in Honolulu, Hawaii…the third bookstore in the Last Bookstore family:  SKULL-FACE!  A curated heaven of the deep, dark, weird, and hard in books, vinyl, and film.  Skulls, graphic novels, manga, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, true crime, ancient history, action, pulp fiction, heavy metal, punk, rock, reggae, jazz, and pop/sub/counter and underground culture from the 20th Century, and much, much more!  


If all or most of that is your jam and you want to work surrounded by it in Hawaii, we are hiring a store manager!  Share with your friends who already live there. Email resume here or DM @skullfaceworld on Instagram.


"A bookstore is one of the

only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking."

- Jerry Seinfeld